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Jan 7, 2022 ∙ JRSC.KP.01
We are a full-service digital agency from Russia specialized in crafting human-centric digital experiences. More than 20 highly skilled professionals with more than 15 years' experience in design, development, analytics, machine learning, and internet marketing work in our team. Our team's portfolio includes over 400 projects: web sites, applications, visual identity, and wide range of web services, platforms and marketplaces.

The agency's founding team graduated from Sberbank ∙ 500 startups '2019 and IIDF, two well-known business accelerators from the United States and Russia respectively, strengthening our business approach towards every project we work on.

Uprising agency is part of the AWA ↗ creative network.
By creating modern user-friendly top-notch products, we help our clients' businesses to grow, expand, appeal and successfully cover the brand new audience. When you see the growth with naked eye, we know our job is done right.
For each client, we create a team which is focused on the tasks of a particular project: full immersion, attention to details, always in touch. The production includes 7 stages: briefing, customer development, copywriting, design, development, quality assurance, and launch.

Our work is based on principles of:

ethics — a good product is honest, impartial, attentive to users, helpful, effective, and does it right;

aesthetics — a well-crafted product is beautiful, clear, simple, likeable, leaves a long-lasting impression and amplifies the overall image of the client's business.
Usually, the production includes 7 stages:
customer development
quality assurance
Our team
Efim Kolodkin
6 years in strategic management and sales, top proptech entrepreneur
Andrey Gorobchenko
6 years' expertise in digital services with an audience of over one million people
Bogdan Knyazev
5 years in analytics and financial algorithms, ex. Gazprombank and Aton (Russia)
Alex Belikov
15 years in design, created over 400 design products, ex. Fireart (Poland)
chief executive officer
chief product officer
chief financial officer
chief design officer
The cost of works totals $4,020 (incl. taxes). The duration of works totals 67 (sixty seven) hours. The works will be completed in 28 calendar days — by Feb 7, 2022.
Project estimation
Logobook should overview key aspects of the brand representation (~ 10 pages).
Design layouts are presented in the following resolutions: mobile — 375 px, tablet — 768 px, desktop — 1360 px. The final product (website start page) is delivered to the client in the following resolutions: mobile — 320...480 px, tablet — 480...960 px, desktop —960...2550 px.
You will receive:

1. Logobook (~ 10 pages).

2. Layouts of the website start page, all the states, variations, and user scenarios visualization.

3. Ready-to-go website start page, fully responsive (mobile, tablet and desktop friendly) in accordance with all technical requirements.
Alfredo, portable charge stations: logotype ideas exploration
Alpha wave alliance (AWA), creative network: logotype ideas exploration
Bash Today, a marketplace of event venues: brandbook (mini)
Bitvavo, cryptocurrency exchange platform: brandbook (midi)
Reech, advertising network: brandbook (midi)
Upshift, eco friendly fractional car membership service in San Francisco: website start page
Alpha wave alliance (AWA), creative network: website start page
Aplifter, educational platform: website start page
Best regards,
Efim Kolodkin, chief executive officer,

Russia: 26 Leningradsky avenue, building 1, Moscow, 125040
United Kingdom: Huckletree (space Shoreditch) ∙ 18 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AH

+7 985 768 05 35, efim@uprising.agency